Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Passion Hazelnut Gateau - MasterChef SA

150 g Water (Cocoa Glacage)
375 g Granulated Sugar
200 g Cream
200 g Glucose
120 g Cocoa Powder
18 g Gelatine (200 Blooms-Silver Strength)
105 g Hydration Water
125 g Cream (Passion Cremeux)
125 g Milk
50 g Castor Sugar
25 g Egg Yolks
250 g Passion Fruit Puree
50 g Glucose
280 g White Chocolate
8 g Gelatine
130 g Cake Flour (Sablee Croustillant)
50 g Icing Sugar
75 g Butter
1 g Salt
15 g Almond Flour
25 g Egg (Beaten)
25 g Fleuilletine
250 g Hazelnuts, Toasted and Chopped (Hazelnut Dacquoise)
250 g Ground Almonds
126 g Icing Sugar (Sifted)
60 g Cake Flour
320 g Egg Whites
250 g Castor Sugar
100 g Egg Yolks (Douceur Intense - Buche)
45 g Egg (Beaten)
68 g Granulated Sugar
55 g Water
338 g Whipped Cream
210 g Dark Chocolate 66%
80 g Milk 40%
1 Vanilla Pod
500 g White Chocolate (Chocolate Transfers)
1 Transfer Sheet
Sâblée Croustillant
Hazelnut Dacquoise
Chocolate Mousse
Passion Fruit Cremeux
Cocoa Glacage

Roasted Hazelnuts
White Chocolate tiles
Gold Leaf
Chocolate Pearls

Line a 22 cm cake ring with acetate.
Lay the Baked Pastry into the base, spread with 2 tablespoons Hazelnut Paste and then lay the Dacquoise on top.
Pipe a spiral of the Chocolate Mousse onto the Dacquoise that is a double layer around the edge. With a small spatula pull the mousse up the side of the ring to ensure a smooth edge.
Place the Passion Fruit Cremeux on top of the Mousse.
Pipe the rest of the chocolate mousse into the ring and level off.
Blast chill to set – 20 minutes minimum. This is a good time to make the tiles.
Coat the gateau with warmed Gelée and place in the fridge to set for up to an hour.
Melt some White chocolate and with a paper cone pipe décor on the left side of the cake.
Transfer the cake to the serving plate carefully.
Space the chocolate tiles around the base of the cake evenly.
Decorate with pearls, gold leaf and half Hazelnuts.

Cocoa Glacage:
In a saucepan bring the water, sugar, glucose and cream to a boil.
Hydrate the gelatine in the hydration water.
Pour the hot liquid onto the cocoa while whisking.
Pour back into the pot and bring the mixture to the boil and cook for 4 minutes, whisking continuously.
Remove from the heat and cover the pan with plastic film.
Stir the softened gelatine into the cocoa mixture.
Immersion blend, recover with plastic film- ensure that the plastic film touches the surface of the Glacage and let cool.
Place on ice to rapidly cool and then refrigerate until needed.

On Glazing Gateau-
Gently heat half of the mixture to 49˚C then add the rest of the cool mixture.
Pour the glaze into a jug.
Remove the cake from the freezer remove the acetate and place on a pouring rack.
Pour the glaze from the middle moving outwards to coat the cake.

Passion Cremeux:
Heat the Cream and Milk together.
Mix the Egg Yolk and Sugar together, pour the Cream onto it and return to the heat to thicken while constantly stirring.
Heat the Passion Fruit Pulp and Glucose; hydrate the Gelatine and add.
Mix the Puree and Custard and pour onto the chocolate.
Mix as you do for a Ganache and finish the emulsion with an immersion blender.
Pour into round insert mould till half way and reserve the remainder.
Freeze until set.- minimum 20 minutes up to an hour.

Sâblée Croustillant:
Cream the butter and Icing Sugar, add the Salt.
Add the Eggs slowly.
Pulse in the Almond Flour and Flour
Fold in the Fleuilletine.
Rest for 20 minutes - pop into freezer to speed up process.
Roll to 3mm and cut with the cake ring, bake at 175˚C until baked light golden brown- 7-10 minutes.
Set aside.

Hazelnut Dacquoise:
Weigh the Almonds, Icing sugar, Cake Flour and Hazelnuts into one bowl.
Prepare a Meringue with the Egg Whites and Castor Sugar.
Fold the dry ingredients into the Meringue.
Spread the mix into the square silicon frame.
Bake at 160°C for 27 minutes, and then remove once cool enough to handle.
Cut to size with the cake ring.

To make the Chocolate Mousse –
Whip the Cream to medium peak and reserve.
Cook the Water and Sugar to 121°C
Mix the Egg Yolks, Eggs and Vanilla together in the mixer with the whisk.
Melt the Couverture.
Slowly pour the Syrup onto the Eggs while whisking, whisk till light and fluffy.
Add a third of the cream to the chocolate- this forms a Ganache.
Add the Ganache to the Egg Yolk mixture.
Fold in the rest of the Cream gently.
Pour into a piping bag and reserve until needed.

Melt two thirds of the white chocolate over a Bain Marie till it reaches 48 degrees Celsius.
Add the remaining chocolate, a little at a time until it reaches 27 degress Celsius.
Spread the chocolate evenly onto the transfer sheet and leave to set.
Using a ruler cut into squares and reserve in fridge until needed.