Friday, 9 September 2011

Chicken - Biltong & Bacon Pot

2 blocks of chicken stock 4 Carrots, cut into discs

250ml Boiling water 12 Small onions, whole

500ml white wine 250g Button mushrooms

250ml Chutney 8 Marrow mix, cut in thick slices

46g Mushroom soup powder (1 packet) 1 Red pepper, cut into long strips

5ml Dried thyme 150g Wet beef biltong, carved

5ml Mixed herbs 250ml Grated cheese

5ml Lemon pepper 125 ml Fresh parsley, chopped

15ml Olive oil

15ml Butter Dissolve the stock cubes in boiling water.

Mix all the sauce ingredients and add to

12 Chicken pieces (dye) stock mixture. Keep one side.

250g Bacon, chopped

50ml Brandy

10ml Garlic chopped

2 Onions, cut into rings

½ Green pepper , roughly chopped

1 Celery stick, cut into thin rings

20 Small potatoes, peeled

1. Heat butter and oil over medium heat and brown the chicken.

2. Add the bacon and fry for 3 minutes.

3. Add the brandy and garlic and mix well, then do not stir again.

4. Sort the onion, green pepper and celery over the chicken and place the potatoes

and carrots on top.

5. Pour over the sauce, place the lid on and simmer for 1 hour.

6. Add the onion, mushroom, marrow and red pepper, and finish with biltong and


7. Add boiling water if needed, close lid and simmer for a further 20 min.

8. Stir just before serving and finally add parsley.